Leasing opportunities

GLA: 8,600 sqm
Major Retailers: Woolworths
Mini Majors: Gloria Jean’s, Anytime Fitness

Permanent Leasing

Our leasing management team is held in high regard thanks to the strong relationships they develop with retailers. With a hands-on approach and a thorough understanding of the customer base at our centre, we will work with you to identify the best way for you to develop a successful business. Retailers are given the opportunity to grow their business at a local community market level.

Casual Leasing 

Casual leasing benefits retailers who require access to a required space without the risk and costs associated with a permanent lease. The concept of casual leasing or pop-up retail continues to generate interest and excitement around new products and businesses.

For further information and to make a leasing enquiry, contact:

Terry Elsoufi
T: (02) 8863 2100
M: 0419 431 829
E: [email protected]